Much more than a walk-in closet: Fur cooling made
in Germany


Preserving values
Chambrair fur cooling systems

Whoever owns a coat made from shining mink or the finest Karakulchi knows its advantages: Furs provide a natural – and the most elegant – protection against the frosty temperatures of winter. At the same time they are highly sensitive natural productsand must be protected in summer against heat, pests and sunshine. If stored incorrectly, the valuable hides fade, become brittle and are exposed to infestation from moths and pests.

As an expert in climate cabinets, Chambrair therefore provides solutions for storing your furs:

Spaces with special fur cooling for valuable hides, leather and woollen products

The specially-developed Chambrair-Pelzkühlanlage® maintains the perfect conditions to protect your valuable clothing:

  • storage temperatures of + 2 to + 4 ° C
  • cyclically-controlled, automatic shock frosts at– 12 ° C
  • preserves your furs without chemical substances or other materials that are hazardous to health
  • optimally controlled air circulation to protect against mould

Chambrairfur cooling systems are adapted to the individual circumstances in your home and can be implemented in almost any room – also retrospectively.

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