Wine climatization
as individual as you are


Tailored wine
storage refrigerators

Wine storage is more than just the accommodation of a few bottles of wine. Rather, an individual wine climatization is essential for ensuring the perfect storage environment for younf wines and vintages alike. Only at the right temperature and the correct humidity level can wine unfold its unique character.

If you want your wine storage to be integrated harmoniously into your interior design, Chambrair can supply individualised components. Whether for your house, in a restaurant, hotel or retail store: Simply tell us your ideas and plans for your wine storage refrigerators – we will look after the design and implementation. There is no limit to your imagination.

Individual wine climatization means:

  • unique designs
  • comprehensive temperature and storage concepts
  • wine climate cabinet with isolating glass doors at the front and rear
  • custom-made manufacture for removing from the front and unobstructed replenishment from the rear


The designers and technicians from Chambrair will advise you on the shape, size and décor of your individual wine refrigerators. You can choose flexibly from a wide variety of materials, such as special glass, various different metals, elegant woods and paints. We take care of the conception and manufacture for you. Not to mention installation on your premises.

With more than 35 years’ experience in the development of individual wine climate solutions, Chambrair stands for uncompromising quality in wine climate technology:

  • ChambrairMikroTronik© for consistent temperatures
  • TemperatureManagement© for thawing
  • HygroControl© for air moisture
  • VibraStop© for vibration-free storage
  • CoolWhispers© for maximum sound isolation
  • AirControl© for fresh air circulation
  • UVControl© for seamless UV protection

What is special
about Chambrair

3 features explained in detail

Chambrair has developed an expertise in the area of wine care that sets standards in the international hotel and restaurant industry and enjoy worldwide recognition.

1. Chambrair TemperatureManagement©

Guarantees constant temperatures all day

During each thawing process, the interior temperature of a wine storage refrigerator increases. That happens around four times a day for 45 minutes, irrespective of the storage temperature that has been set by you. During this time the temperature display is “frozen”. It will show a real value only when the thawing process has finished. This procedure, common among many manufacturers, causes unnecessarily strong temperature fluctuations in the wine storage refrigerator.

Chambrair TemperatureManagement© in contrast, uses additional temperature sensors to control the thawing process. These constantly check whether ice is present in the evaporator. Only then is thawing activated, and only until the ice has melted. The real interior temperature is displayed the whole time. Chambrair does not deal in false facts. This is what individual wine climatization means to us.

2. Chambrair HygroControl©

Optimal air moisture for wine, cheese and cigars

Consequences of insufficient air moisture

Dried-out corks: The wine oxidises and drops out of the bottle.

Dried-out cigars: They are difficult to draw and lose aroma.

Dried-out cheese: It loses weight and goes off.

Consequences of excessive air moisture

The labels peel off the bottles; black mould may form

The cigar bursts and suffers irreversible damage.

Mould forms extensively

Perfect storage with
Chambrair HygroControl©

The optimal supply of the cork with moisture increases its lifespan and prevents the absorption of pollutants from the atmosphere into the wine.

An optimal moisture content allows the cigars to unfold their full aroma.

An ideal climate guarantees a perfect cheese aroma.

3. Chambrair MikroTronic©

Individual wine climatization – cooling or heating, depending on the surrounding temperature.

The Chambrair MikroTronic© guarantees that the correct temperature is reached gently and maintained almost constantly by means of a permanent target-actual comparison. As soon as the desired value is exceeded by 1 K the climate compressor is switched on. The device now sinks the interior temperature until the target value is reached. In the reverse case, integrated heating ensures that heat is added where necessary.

The integrated heating means that each Chambrair wine storage refrigerator can maintain the set interior temperature, even at low surrounding temperatures. Therefore, if you store red wine at a serving temperature of 16 °C, observed constant temperate can be maintained, even at a lower surrounding temperature of up to + 5 °C.

The integrated heating is especially indispensable when a wine storage refrigerator is placed in cool cellars or in air-conditioned wine cellars, garages or rarely-used holiday homes, particularly in winter.

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