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A wine storage refrigerator from Chambrair ensures the optimal storage conditions and the perfect cooling for your valuable wines. It therefore guarantees culinary delight – while at the same time preserving the value of your wine collection.

For more than 30 years, Chambrair has specialised in wine climatization.
The result: Individual wine storage refrigerators for private enjoyment and for restaurants:

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The Chambrair Professional is the ideal wine refrigerator in order to care for your wine treasures for decades.

  • “Professional 100” provides capacity for up to 58 bottles.

  • “Professional 200” provides almost three times the capacity, with 156 bottles.

Instead of the standard version “brushed stainless steel”, we can personalize each PROFESSIONAL in your colour of choice, whether provocative orange, disarming red, stylish cream-white, or timeless black:
You determine the surface of our Chambrair – wine storage refrigerators!

We are also happy to produce individual cladding for you, such as burnished steel!

Equally, the interior, the lighting and the grilles can also be chosen by you and adapted to your individual needs. This allows you to create a truly bespoke device – your very own Chambrair – wine storage refrigerator.

Our recommendation:
Combine our climate cabinets as a sideboard for your red and white wines!
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Each wine storage refrigerator from the Chambrair premium series “Elégance” is hand-crafted as an individual piece of furniture in our Hamburg workshop.

Our preferred material is wood. We connect the warm and sensual wooden charm with another sense: pleasure.

The heart of the Elégance range – like all of our wine storage refrigerators – is its sophisticated cooling and climate technology. This allows you to serve top wines at the right temperature, while also ensuring the optimal storage for many years.

The corpus of your wine refrigerator makes it a unique piece.

You have the choice between:

  • Beech wood in the standard version (stained according to our sample card or your individua wishes)

  • Medium-density fibreboard, MDF (painted in the colour of your choice)

  • Any type of wood, such as cherry, oak, walnut (finished according to your wishes)

A Chambrair – climate cabinet “Elégance” will delight you in the long term – and guarantee the admiration of your guests. Not only for your excellent taste in wine.
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