“One can recognise
an aficionado
not by his wines,
but by the manner in
which he treats them!”


The origin of the
wine storage refrigerator

Rolf Butenschön was passionate about travelling to Mediterranean countries. The connoisseur knew and appreciated the good things in life, such as Mediterranean wines. Together with his wife Brigitte, he often visited local winegrowers and cellars to sample the latest harvest and unique vintages.

Very soon, he decided he did not want to miss out on this pleasure when he returned home to Hamburg. Over the course of many years he consulted with winegrowers from all over Europe, educating himself about proper storage, care and ageing of the wines, and eventually implemented his findings.

The result was Germany’s first wine storage refrigerator

On 11 January 1983, Rolf Butenschön founded Chambrair GmbH and started production of his innovative wine storage refrigerators. Chambrair combines the process of chambering, or bringing wine to room temperature, with air conditioning. The company name, which Rolf Butenschön († 10 November 2005) chose with careful consideration, remains our ambition to this day: the perfect climatization for wine.

10 reasons
for a Chambrair

  • 1.

Chambrair Know-how

We pioneered the climatization of wine, cheese and cigars.
Our wine storage refrigerators are used worldwide – privately and in the best restaurants

Chambrair TemperatureManagement©

With a Chambrair climate cabinet, you will not experience any fluctuations in temperature!
Constant cooling 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (learn more)

Chambrair AirControl© using activated carbon filters

Black mould on your bottle labels is a thing of the past

Chambrair HygroControl©

Ideal air moisture for compatible wine, cheese and cigar storage (learn more)

Chambrair MikroTronic©

Automatic heat regulation according to the surrounding temperature (learn more)

Chambrair CoolWhispers©

Near silent operation in your living room

Chambrair VibraStop©

No transfer of vibration to your wine thanks to vibration dampers

Chambrair UVControl©

Protects your valuable wines against damaging sunlight

Chambrair Multifunktionalität

The perfect storage and climatization for wine, cheese and cigars

Chambrair flexibility

Climate cabinets manufactured in accordance with your innovations and bespoke measurements

Fine wines
at a perfect temperature

Only the optimal climatization of a wine ensures complete satisfaction

Older, larger red wines + 18 °C
Younger, heavier red wines + 16 °C
Mature, strong white wines, light white wines + 12 °C
Elegant, dry white wines + 10 °C
Rosé and dessert wines + 8 °C
Champagne / sparkling wine + 6 °C

Climate cabinets for wine, cigars and cheese

Good taste is no coincidence. Here is how you can preserve the aromas of select wines, cheeses and cigars …

Wine cellar

The secret of excellent wines is in the cellar – in your perfectly climatized wine cellar…

Individual constructions

The greatest pleasure, even before removing the cork – wine storage refrigerators custom-made to your individual requirements…

Fur cooling systems

A fur coat lasts for eternity – as long as it is stored properly. Our fur cooling systems ensure the best climate…

Your own personal
wine storage refrigerator

Available only from Chambrair:

Whether wooden cladding, stainless steel, or your favourite colour. Whether lasered, engraved, covered in foil or graced with your initials: You decide how your Chambrair climate cabinet will look!

We are also happy to carry out engravings, personal quotations, wishes or dedications for you:

“Life is too short to drink poor wine” (Goethe)

“Very best wishes on your anniversary!”

“For a very special Epicurean!”

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